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Below is my entire collection. It has been separated by category: Romance, Paranormal, and Anthologies. They each include links to where you can buy them online. 


Veteran Dreams

How could one party change so much?


It had been 10 years since that night, and walking into the high school reunion, Lita wasn’t sure what to expect. Her mind was riddled with memories, and her heart was racing. However, the moment her eyes locked with Alex’s, her heart started to beat again, as if part of her had been dead all those years. Life certainly hadn’t gone as expected, and she had not lived up to the promises made that last night.


Feeling broken, Alex longed to move past the disappointment of his military career. After his friend convinced him to go to his 10-year high school reunion, he was surprised to find himself smitten with old memories for a girl from the past. Lita had been sweet and innocent back then, but was she still? Part of him longed to see.


The two of them fall into a whirlwind, wanting to help the other heal and pursue their dreams. But they may find the pressure is more intense than the passion the old spark ignited in them.

Defying Destiny ebook cover 26jan2015-25
Defying Destiny

Cameron Burk has just broken up with his long-time girlfriend. But, determined not to miss out on the biggest event of the year, he flies solo to the senior prom. Rhyanna Paramore is onstage providing the entertainment along with her up-and-coming rock band, Defying Destiny. Cameron spends the evening entranced by Rhyanna's talent and beauty. When they crash into each other after the dance, sparks fly. Though they come from two different worlds, their friendship quickly blossoms into romance.

After graduation, Cameron is off to law school while Rhyanna and her band hit the road, bound for stardom. The years bring them success, though distance and stress take a toll on them both. When the pressure of her nightly performances threatens Rhyanna's health, a dark secret comes to light.

With their love tested, Cameron and Rhyanna must decide if their relationship is real and worth fighting for. Only by Defying Destiny can they find true happiness together.

Kisses and Revenge EBOOK cover A.jpg
Kisses and Revenge

All Leslie Bradshaw had ever wanted was a nice home and a great family. The day she married Adam Finn, she was sure all her dreams of domestic bliss would come true. However, after five years, her cherished dreams would never be realized. The shocking murder of her husband leaves her alone, bereft, and terrified; struggling to piece together her life without him as its center. As she desperately scrambles to put her life back together, Leslie is sure she is the only one who can discover the answers to the dark secrets surrounding Adam's death.

When Warren Finn lost both their parents and his brother within the course of a year, taking care of his brother's widow seemed to be the right thing to do. Truth be told, he had always been secretly in love with her himself. But can he earn Leslie's whole heart, or is she too focused on the ghost of her past to see the man devoted to her?


A SLICE of Truth

Run, hide, and don't let them get you.  Once SLICE gets their hands on you, there is no coming back. They take your family; they kill your friends— all in the name of some twisted scientific authority.

Jax and Jericho Masterson saw firsthand what SLICE could do when they came for their parents. Now on the run, the two are struggling to live in a world neither of them has ever experienced. Being raised off the grid in the woods of the Smokey Mountains has left them without the skills needed to deal with human society, but they will learn... the hard way.

Marris Stratford only wanted to be the best big brother any little girl could ask for. He never did anything to call attention to himself, and always tried to do the right thing. Never would he have thought to be the target of a government agency no one had ever even heard of. With a dead heart, he will save his kind, even if it kills him.

SLICE- Supernatural Laboratories for the Investigation of Chaotic Entities

A SLICE of Resistance

No more running – the time to fight was now.

Jax and Jericho have yet to find each other, and time was running out. Lenora was due to give birth at any moment, and the assault on SLICE was quickly approaching. Settling in their childhood home – the only place they believed SLICE would not find them – was the only safe bet until the baby was born.

Shifters from all over are being called in for the battle to come. No longer would SLICE be something to fear. Now they would be something to be destroyed.

SLICE- Supernatural Laboratories for the Investigation of Chaotic Entities


The war was ending – it all came down to this moment.

The resistance had dealt a crippling defeat to SLICE. One none of them had expected. It was now up to Bridgett to take over Donovan's place as Director and finish what they had started – end all shifters once and for all. However, SLICE had secrets she wasn't ready for, and she was faced with one choice: her training or her morality.

The shifters in the resistance had found a few moments of glory, but none of them thought the war was over. Secrets made their way to their camp, and spies crept all around them. No one was safe, and their greatest threat was still to come.

When the line between who is good and who is evil blur – who wins the war?

SLICE- Supernatural Laboratories for the Investigation of Chaotic Entities

Mage Crafted

Charlotte “Charlie” Nocker had always dreamed of working for the council. She just did not think the day would come before she had barely reached adulthood. However, once she had been summoned as one of twelve mages tasked to protect the Elven Princess Ameria, Charlie knew it was time to grow up and prove herself. Now she had to divide her time between her toddler charge and being one of the best crafters in the country.

Benjamin “B” Logan spent most of his nights working as a bouncer at the Smoking Cauldron, a popular bar and secrete mage hotspot. When his boss asks him to have an old artifact looked at, B is more than happy to take a few days away from the city, and the memories that came with it, to take it for repairs. However, he had no idea the importance of the artifact in question, and, in order to get it fixed, meant putting himself in a position to not only save his own hide but that of the young artificer and her toddler charge.

What started out as a normal job soon became a fight for survival. Neither of them expected others were looking for the artifact and were now in charge of the protection two precious possessions. With assassins coming from every angle, all Charlie and B know is the only way to survive and keep the Princess safe is to come together.

Magic Mourning

Helpless was not a feeling Charlie was used to dealing with, but that was exactly how she felt now that her powers had been zapped from her. It was the same for the rest of the mages of the Nightshade Guild as well. Now the only thing on her mind was doing all she could to get their powers back, no matter the cost.

The Time Scythe, an ancient artifact created by one of the most powerful Elvin crafters and blacksmiths, called to her. It was trying to tell her something, but she wasn’t sure what. Maybe if she could find it, she would also find the answers to her questions. The problem was, she wasn’t the only one looking for it.

Hack, Charlie’s absentee father, was also out to find it, and she was all too aware of what would happen if he got his hands on it first. The scythe in the hands of anyone could be dangerous; the scythe in the hands of someone power hungry and working with the enemy could be catastrophic.

Now, with time running out, Charlie had other obstacles in her way. Her life was changing faster than she was ready for, and there was no way to stop it. She was going to have to learn how to fight without her magic in order to help the Nightshade Guild find clues to get their magic restored.

Cherish the Fallen

Lyla loves her life guarding children, but she was long past due for a vacation. Like thousands of years past due. So when God orders it, Lyla’s best friend, Zimarra, drags her to the Paranormal World’s most amazing resort: Crimson Moon Hideaway. Lyla never expected to find work while on vacation or to find love with the demon father of her two young charges.


Ashford had been at Crimson Moon Hideaway for a couple of weeks, ever since he had left Hell. He had grown tired of his life there, but leaving came with its own set of problems. Not only were assassins coming after him, but also for his kids. Part of the reason he chose the resort was for its close proximity to where his kids were.


With the pressure heavy on the heels, the two of them must work past their differences to keep everyone safe. Can their unexpected attraction and feelings be the strength they need to save Ashford and his children?

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