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Scorpion's Kiss

NEW RELEASE August 10, 2023

Follow the music. The case called to Serina like none of the others she had worked on. After ten years working at the Zodiac Enforcement Agency, going from a desk job to an agent, she had finally found the case that made her mind spin. Her target left few clues, other than the sound of music everyone remembered from the scene of his crimes. The songs told a story, and Serina had every intention of hearing the end. 

Through time and space, Serina chased her Music Man. Each scene created more questions than answers until the case became an obsession— mystery she would do almost anything to solve. The attacks seemed like more than malice, and Serina wanted to know what the answer was. It might mean skirting a little closer to the forbidden edge, but she could handle it, and when she found him, he would taste her Scorpion’s Kiss.


Darkest Time

Released: May 25, 2023

Year 3 - The Nightshade Guild: Broken Time Book 5

As if the threat of the Time Scythe isn’t enough, the destruction of it certainly throws the Guild for a loop. Or rather through time. Charlie wakes up in an unknown location and, as she quickly realizes, an unknown time period. The Dark Ages is not where she planned to spend her pregnancy, but it seems she has no other choice. While Ameira works in the future to bring the mages back, Charlie puts her focus on finding her fragment of the Time Scythe along with a pure energy source to boost the spell.

The problem is she has no idea where to look. She feels herself being drawn to the nearby mountains and the magic they radiate. Rumors circle the town of demons and other beings haunting the caverns, but Charlie knows better than to believe human superstition. However, since her arrival, something sinister has begun to stir deep in the pits of the caverns.

Would working with the creatures within the caves help her get home to aid the Guild and the Elvin queen in protecting the future, or will it cause her to be lost forever in the darkest of times?



I can't believe how fast this year is going by. It is exciting to see so many fantastic books coming out, and I'm glad to be a part of some incredible worlds with other fabulous authors! With summer in full swing, I certainly am spending more time outside. We went camping twice in the last six weeks. However, one of the best parts of summer is being able to read and relax outside ... so long as the heat, humidity, and bugs don't kick your butt.

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