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Magic Mourning

Released: May 26, 2022

The Nightshade Guild: Chapter Two - The year the magic disappeared

Helpless was not a feeling Charlie was used to dealing with, but that was exactly how she felt now that her powers had been zapped from her. It was the same for the rest of the mages of the Nightshade Guild as well. Now the only thing on her mind was doing all she could to get their powers back, no matter the cost.

The Time Scythe, an ancient artifact created by one of the most powerful Elvin crafters and blacksmiths, called to her. It was trying to tell her something, but she wasn’t sure what. Maybe if she could find it, she would also find the answers to her questions. The problem was, she wasn’t the only one looking for it.

Hack, Charlie’s absentee father, was also out to find it, and she was all too aware of what would happen if he got his hands on it first. The scythe in the hands of anyone could be dangerous; the scythe in the hands of someone power hungry and working with the enemy could be catastrophic.

Now, with time running out, Charlie had other obstacles in her way. Her life was changing faster than she was ready for, and there was no way to stop it. She was going to have to learn how to fight without her magic in order to help the Nightshade Guild find clues to get their magic restored.



Hey everyone! I can’t believe it is already time for fall. The weather is getting cooler (sort of), and all the fall fun is about to begin. They even have pumpkin-flavored everything showing up in stores. For me, it is a busy time for growth. Not only am I working on my writing, but I have also started some classes to elevate my life. I’m learning web design, book cover design, and several other skills to aid me in my journey. For me, it is about growing as a person and finding a way to accomplish my dreams.

On top of all of that, I have been taking part in a medieval reenactment group. This month, we are attending a war, but for me, it is all about forgetting the world and cooking incredible food. I will share pictures in my next newsletter. It is going to be amazing!

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