Latest Release: Final SLICE


Released January 20, 2020

The war was ending – it all came down to this moment.

The resistance had dealt a crippling defeat to SLICE. One none of them had expected. It was now up to Bridgett to take over Donovan's place as Director and finish what they had started – end all shifters once and for all. However, SLICE had secrets she wasn't ready for, and she was faced with one choice: her training or her morality.

The shifters in the resistance had found a few moments of glory, but none of them thought the war was over. Secrets made their way to their camp, and spies crept all around them. No one was safe, and their greatest threat was still to come.

When the line between who is good and who is evil blur – who wins the war?

SLICE- Supernatural Laboratories for the Investigation of Chaotic Entities

Latest News


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, several of my events got cancelled or postponed. Please take a moment to check out my event page for updated information. 

I am hard at work with new projects now that SLICE has wrapped up. I am working on another Paranormal Romance as well as getting involved in some collaborative projects. There are lots of new things to look forward to in 2020, so stay tuned!

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