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All About Cherron Riser

Cherron Riser was born in Dothan, Alabama on November 2, 1983. With her family being military, she spent a lot of her early childhood traveling all over the country, giving her a lot of new and different experiences, she would not otherwise have been given. When she turned ten, however, her family settled in the small town of Ozark, Alabama where she finished her high school career.


After high school, Cherron began college, however, was soon forced to drop out to take care of her family. She is the mother of two wonderful children, and they provide a source of inspiration for Cherron’s work. In 2013 Cherron returned to school to finish what she had started all those years ago, and in 2021 she graduated.


All through her life Cherron has been drawn to the arts. As a child she danced and sang all the time, often driving her family crazy. During middle school, a group of friends and Cherron

started "The Outcast", a club established for building a love of writing. Once the club was formed, Cherron was never seen without a spiral notebook and pen. She wrote daily, developing silly stories for her friends. After high school, Cherron began to write more serious stories and develop more original plot lines. It is a talent and love Cherron has developed over the years, filling her computer with story after story.


As an author, Cherron began her career as a self-published author, releasing the book Defying Destiny in March of 2015. She gives a lot of credit to her family and friends for inspiring her characters and worlds and looks forward to showing them to all of her readers in the near future. Cherron can often be seen at conventions, both for readers and for geeks, as she is and will always be a geek herself, and proud of it.


Loved the book. Look forward to reading others in the series.
These books are very addicting.
Keep up the good work.

annymous review 

Once again Cherron Riser has written magic on the pages. A SLICE Of Resistance is a fantastic carry on from the first story. The characters are developing well and becoming much more interesting as the story goes on. Can't wait to see where it takes us.

Kinndle reviwer

This powerful little Princess is changing the lives of each Mage as she as passed along to keep her safe.. Charlie and B couldn't be more opposite or perfect for eachother..This series is so incredible and gets more exciting with each book..


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